easy like sunday should be

Hey swagsters!

Today has been really relaxing. I had a tough time  sleeping last night, but I did manage to sleep in again until 9 am, so I think it evens out? I’m definitely planning to hit the hay early tonight… I’m ready to get back into my normal pattern tomorrow morning. (Normal pattern = always be done working out by the time Kelly Ripa comes on…)

I woke up this morning and did the latest ZWOW. It was a pretty intense 10 minute workout, I must say! When my timer went off and I stopped moving, I thought my heart may pop out of my chest! I finished up with some abs and stretching. I’ve made it my new resolution to ALWAYSNOMATTERWHAT stretch after my workouts. Is anyone else out there as bad at remembering to stretch as I am?

After my workout I was ready for my favorite breakfast! I’m a big fan of Tone It Up protein pancakes, but lately it’s been too hot to play around with the stove in the morning. One day it hit me… I could have the best of both worlds. This is one of my favorite parts about being vegan: it’s safe to eat doughs and batters. No pesky raw eggs standing between me and desire to lick the spatula!

Protein pancake pudding and coffee.

I love topping my batter/pudding with pb2, banana and coconut. I’m telling you… the thing that drives me to power through my morning workouts is knowing this baby is waiting for me at the other end. It is THE best part of waking up, in my opinion.

The rest of my morning was spent grocery shopping and catching up with my mentor from back in the days when I lived in Indiana. Chris is the woman that opened up the world of yoga to me, and although I don’t teach it anymore (or even practice regularly, at that), we have maintained a close relationship that has lasted the test of distance and time. I’m so blessed to have her as my friend!

But let’s be honest… I spent most of today killing time waiting for this:

My boyfriend and I are BIG soccer fans and today was the UEFA Final. I was so psyched to see my Spanish men clinch the title!

After the game ended, I headed out to my sister’s house for my brother-in-laws birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long, as I was feeling a little under the weather. Nothing to worry about though, I think I’m just tired from a busy weekend and trouble sleeping.

When I got home I was ready for some grub.

Spicy Hoisin Wrap

I was in the mood for something with an asian flare, so I whipped up these Spicy Hoisin Wraps. I used cabbage leaves as the wrap and filled 2 leaves up with tofu, sauteed mushrooms, carrots and avocado. I drizzled a homemade (original recipe!) sauce on top. I was pleased with my work.

Dessert was probably my crowning achievement for the day.


Last night I made a life-changing discovery. If you put 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk into 1/2 a cup of light coconut milk and leave it in the fridge to set for about an hour… you will find yourself with something that is REMARKABLY similar to tapioca pudding. I was over the moon. I had to do it again tonight, it was so good, and I topped it this time with one chopped, frozen fig.

All in all, it was a great day in this vegan’s kitchen.

And with that, it’s time for some Q.T. with my boy!

Spicy Hoisin Drizzle
(makes 1 serving)
1T hoisin sauce
1T lite soy sauce
1tsp peanut butter
1tsp rice vinegar
Sriracha to taste

Mix together and poor over your wraps or veggies!

What’s your favorite go-to breakfast?

Who were you rooting for in the Euro Cup final?


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