vegan pizza day

This is going to be my first official post and what a better day to start than Vegan Pizza Day?!

I woke up in Massachusetts this morning, after having a blast celebrating my dear friend’s birthday. Most of you know her as For the Love of Kale, but I know her as Heather: the most amazing girl that ever did live. No celebration would be complete with out Cait, of Cait Plus Ate and Jenn, of course, and I was so over-joyed to be with the ladies I love so much. It was so great that we all were able to be together, eating yummy food, sipping delicious wine, and gabbing like girls love to do. (Heather’s boyfriend, Matty was SUCH a good sport. Especially when we decided to go around in a circle and say what we wanted our wedding songs to be. Hehehe.)

It was a late night, as celebrations tend to be. Cait and I actually slept until 9:30 this morning, which was a big shocker to me! I’m usually up between 7:30 and 8 a.m., and I honestly can’t remember the last time I slept so late. That meant, when we finally did wake up, we had one thing on our minds: COFFEE.

We promptly headed out to Wildflour, a fantastic vegan bakery in Heather’s area. I didn’t photograph my noms (rookie blogger fail), but I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed a lemon and blueberry scone along side an iced coffee. We sat and chatted – leisurely, like we do – so long that before we left it was necessary to purchase a smoothie. Musta been some good convo! 🙂

Cait and I headed back to Connecticut shortly thereafter and my mind quickly switched gears to what an exciting day this was: Vegan Pizza Day! Since I heard about it a few days ago, I knew I had to celebrate. The truth is… I. Love. Pizza. I don’t eat it very often, but boyyyyy does it make my little vegan belly happy when I decide to indulge.

I wanted to try a gluten free, low-carb crust, and that meant there was only one ingredient I was going to turn to.


What a versatile veggie! And lately I am OBSESSED! Cauliflower risotto has quickly become a staple in my weekly meal planning, but I digress…

Let’s focus on the pizza.

Starting with the crust.

cauliflower pizza crust

I would love to take credit for the creation of this crust, but I’m not that genius. In fact, unless some culinary gene gets turned on in my brain that unlocks a world of creativity and ingenuity, you’re probably just going to end up seeing lots of links to recipe originators on this blog. My greatest skill is not doing their recipes shame.

This here pizza crust came to me via Happy Go Lucky Vegan. Go there. Find it. Make it. Swoon.

Teaser: it’s made with lots and lots of Daiya.

prepped toppings!

I also decided that I wanted a simple pizza this evening. I had some tomatoes that needed to be eaten before they went bad so I thought to myself: tomato basil pizza. Perfect.

ready for the oven

Baking the crust alone, my kitchen started smelling so yummy and pizza-y and basil-y. If my nose could salivate, it would have.

in my belly, please.

And then… although I had been diligently photographing this pizza from the beginning, I got so excited to eat it that I FORGOT I was supposed to be capturing these memories in the making.

Can you blame me?

I don’t think I can say enough about how amazing cauliflower is when it’s cooked like this. Cauliflower out of the oven has the most miraculous, nutty flavor and it made for an over the top pizza crust. I’m SO glad there are leftovers for tomorrow. This is an experience that needs to be repeated.

Are you a vegan? 

Did you celebrate Vegan Pizza Day?

What’s your favorite kind of pizza? (Mine’s actually Hawaiian!)


6 thoughts on “vegan pizza day

  1. don’t hate me for this image but your nose CAN salivate. just saying. #gross
    i’m obsessed with the fact that you have a blog, AND the fact that your twitter feed on the right is called SWAG SPEAK. you rock.

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