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Hey swagsters!

This morning I woke up kind of tired and pretty stiff and sore. I rolled out of bed, set up some coffee in the brewer and programmed it so it would be finished brewing by the time I was done working out. (Priorities, you know?) Then I headed back upstairs to the extra room that I use as a workout room. Every morning I go into this room, I am so happy I’ve gotten into the home workout revolution. It’s so nice to get to sleep in a little since I don’t have to make time for commuting to the gym.


I had planned to do a solid HIIT this morning but once I got into my workout room, I actually did 1 round of a particular workout before I stopped. I just couldn’t get into it and my muscles felt so tight that I didn’t see how I’d make it through. So I listened to my body, set the timer on my phone for 30 minutes, and put myself to doing some yoga. It turned out to be the best idea. I felt so much better afterwards.

Besides just needing to stretch and give my muscles a break, there was another reason I thought it would be good to do yoga today: I really wanted a check mark.

“Huh?!” you say? Allow me to explain.

Yesterday I mentioned the fitness/wellness challenge we’ve begun at my job. One of the fun things about this challenge is that every week, you choose three goals for yourself. The site that is hosting the challenge has a whole bunch of goals for you to choose from, ranging from nutrition, mental wellness all the way to exercise. (See why this challenge is so cool?! It wants us to focus on BALANCE!) So, for example, this week I chose the following three goals:

1. Get 8 hours of sleep for all 7 nights of the week.
2. Avoid alcohol 6 out of 7 days. (I was going to say all 7 days, but let’s be real. I’ll be dying for a glass of wine by Friday.)
3. Do 30 minutes of yoga, three times this week.

Every time you complete one of these goals, you can go to the website and check off a box, subsequently earning points for you and your team. So this morning, after my yoga session, as corny as it sounds, I was SO excited to hop onto the site and check off that I had achieved all three of my goals for the day!

I know it’s just a little check mark, but I actually started thinking how nice it is to have this challenge. So often when I’m thinking about my goals, I’m thinking Big Picture. What will I do with my life? Will I end up married? Will I ever be able to own a house? etc. But I’m almost never thinking about the present moment or my day-to-day goals. So this work challenge is actually really beneficial. The goals I’ve chosen for this week are goals that I’ve been wanting to put into place, but always seem to fall by the wayside when it comes to actually being motivated and consistent enough to carry them out.

The truth is, it’s all these smaller goals that are going to act as the foundation for my bigger goals. My future depends on my present and what I’m doing right now to set myself up for success down the road.

This work challenge lasts until the end of September and I’m so excited that it gives me ample time to start really thinking about what I need to succeed and how I can do that by focusing on some of the smaller steps. Sure there are cash prizes that could motivate me to accomplish my goals, but what I’m most excited about is a reward that will be just mine: feeling accomplished every single day. Having short-term goals, I’m realizing, are important for just that. It feels great to wake up and feel accomplished before I’ve even gotten out of bed! What a happy way to start the day. Such simple actions leading me to feel like I’ve really done something good for myself.

This blog is called Tofu Swag for a reason. It’s about two things: food and living life as proudly as possible. With style. With swag. This is a Swag Building challenge, my friends.

And so I’m going to offer a Swag Building challenge to you all, too! Leave me some comments below. Give me 3 goals that you have for yourself this week. Then, tweet me at @tofuswag and tell me when you’ve accomplished any or all of them, on a daily basis! Together, we can keep one another accountable, offer encouragement along the way and praise for doing right by yourself.

I’m sensing a fun idea building here. This could be a weekly post, I’ll set goals with you and share everyone’s accomplishments. How fun does that sound?! 🙂

I can’t wait to read what everyone is going to accomplish this week! Hop to it, swagsters!


6 thoughts on “swag building

    • i’m so glad you found me too! it is such a challenge to turn off the “shoulds” of my brain and tune into what my body needs. i feel like practicing that skill is never-ending but always so rewarding when i really tap into it!

  1. I like the idea of 3 swag-building goals! Building swag means diff things to diff people, and your challenge is something ANYONE can participate in, no matter what their goals. My goals for this week?
    1) Be cool with taking active rest this Friday and doing yoga as my only exercise that day. My muscles will be needing it by then!
    2) Hit the weights at least one more day this week (did a Group Power class yesterday and I could tell I’d gotten stronger since the last class!)
    3) RELAX and indulge in a dessert (or two) tomorrow for the 4th.

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