r&r: rest and reflection

Hey swagsters!

How was everyone’s 4th of July? Judging from twitter and the run through my blogroll, it seems like a lot of people enjoyed themselves. Excellent!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I was at work all day. (Not sure if I’ve mentioned before that I am a server at a large, national restaurant.) It ended up being not so bad. I don’t work doubles very often because usually at some point my energy, and subsequently, my attitude, take a nose dive. But I think since I knew I would be working and there was no way I was getting out of it, my attitude stayed pretty good for most of the day. Winning! You’ll notice I only said attitude… My energy definitely hit the bottom of a valley towards the end of my shifts.  I clocked out with just about 10 hours of work under my belt. (Sometimes I wish I had a heart rate monitor, just to see how much work my work actually is!) We were actually busier than I thought we’d be for most of the day, so I ended up making some pretty decent income. Looks like Momma’s taking Daddy out for dinner this week!…. I mean to say, it’s my turn to pay for date night.


As you can imagine, I slept like a baby last night. I must’ve gotten about 9.5 hours of sleep. (Goal met!) Despite a good night’s rest, I wondered how I’d feel after 2 long days at work, but I was very pleasantly surprised to feel pretty fantastic. I hopped straight over to my workout room and hit up this workout from @blondeponytail. During the 1 minute breaks, though, I did some HIIT: 15 seconds each of side-to-sides, high knees, jump tucks and plank jacks. I also did my 10 elevated push-ups as a warm-up and can already feel myself getting stronger. Love it!

The rest of the day has been about relaxing and letting my body rest. I’ve captured most of it in pictures. 

coining a new brand of yoga: pin-yoga.

After I finished my breakfast (same old protein pancake batter/pudding), I did my normal, sip-on-coffee-watch-Kelly-Ripa-pin-some-stuff routine. I looked down and realized I was doing some accidental yoga. When the hips want opening, they will do what they can! I wonder if I can count this towards my 30 minutes of yoga goal?


This was one of my favorite internet finds. Any other vegans feel this way? I always want to be open and polite and representing vegans with a positive attitude, but MAN does this get on my nerves sometimes! I have to try hard not to roll my eyes and proclaim that I likely know more about nutrition than they could pretend to know… But, swagsters… that would be RUDE (and potentially debatable). And swag-itude is nullified if you’re just going to be a jerk. So, instead, I smile, take a deep breath and start spouting off as many plant-based, protein-rich options I actually have, until my questioner eventually begs me to stop, having gotten the point about 5 minutes into my monologue. The simple fact is, if I want people to respect me and my choices, and if I want to encourage people to give plant-based a shot, then the ONLY approach I can take is one of welcoming and compassion. After all, I’m vegan for compassionate purposes, and that must extend to human animals, too!

be your mis-matched self

It was around this time that I realized THERE WERE NO MORE BRUSSELS SPROUTS.

I had to go to the store for a produce haul.

I was still in my workout clothes.

I work out at home- I don’t have to match.

And so I decided to be my bright, mis-matched self. Why not, right? I love those Northface shorts (a gift from my spectacular boyfriend!) and I love my bright pink Reeboks. I owned it at the grocery store, y’all. OWNED IT. It got me to thinking about just being myself all the time. Sometimes I get caught up in looking at what others do for themselves and my brain immediately starts in on the “Shoulds.” Oh lordy, how I’m over those incessant “shoulds.” (I actually think this word needs to be banned.) It is such a daily practice to let them go. Just because anyone else does anything a certain way doesn’t mean that I should be doing the same. I need to listen to my body and do what it feels is best and right. That’s true authenticity. It’s great to be inspired by positive people in your life, but you definitely have to DO YOU all the time. Even if that means a black tank, blue shorts and pink shoes. 

After the store, I came home and decided that I should start making lunch. I wasn’t quite hungry but was planning to make sweet potato fries and roasted chickpeas, so I knew I should start before the tummy rumbling actually began. It was a good call. While I was waiting for them to finish, them hunger pangs came to me strong.

I sipped on a lovely afternoon drink:


At the grocery, some blueberry Polar seltzer water caught my eye and I knew it was a lost cause to pretend I didn’t want it. So I happily plopped some fresh berries in there, and pushed past my sadness that I had no mint on hand. Delicious either way. 

I did NOT snap pictures of lunch, with good reason. Since I came up with my nooch-roasted chickpea salad a few days ago, I have not missed a day of eating it. Today was no exception. I tried telling myself that really I just wanted to eat the chickpeas before they went bad, but let’s be real… that salad is so dang good that I can’t get enough of it. The can of chickpeas is finished though, so I’m planning to get creative again soon! (I’ve got some cabbage that needs to be put to use!)

I think this has been a pretty good ramble, and I should probably get a move on getting ready for work tonight. Tomorrow is my day off and I am sincerely looking forward to it!

Have a great afternoon, swagsters! Keep working on your goals for the week!


7 thoughts on “r&r: rest and reflection

  1. BABE! You so swag-ified. I think, at this point, I’ve become so immune to peeps asking about protein that I just answer it and move on. But, to be fair, I usually think, “There was a point in time when I had no idea about vegan protein sources too, so who am I to become annoyed?” This usually does the trick. 🙂

    • you are right on the nose! i definitely try to remind myself of that as well. and i can’t pretend that i don’t enjoy seeing peoples’ reactions when they realize what a wide world of food there is out there! makes my little heart happy, even if it starts off annoyed hehehe 🙂

  2. i adore your blog. i love knowing what’s going on in your swag-filled life. i also love your workout gear mis-matching. my favorite thing to do? wear blue shorts, a green top, and pink sneakers to the gym. i may as well wake up those around me, right?
    though i’m not vegan, i can imagine how annoying it’d be to have so many questions about your protein intake just because you are vegan. i myself get questions whenever i’m eating a veg or vegan salad at work – are you vegetarian? um, just because i’m not eating meat with this meal doesn’t mean i’m vegetarian! a lot of people at work just assume that since i’m such a salad beast.
    pin yoga may be my new fave thing. yesterday as you saw i was doing kardashian yoga. but i’d rather do pin and kelly ripa yoga ANY day.

    • I guess it just goes to show the works still had a lot to (re)learn about food! 🙂

      Thank you again for the love. Also, you should know I think of you often when I’m watching Kelly in the am, wishing you could enjoy it too!

    • you are not kidding! i get home every night and have to stretch my quads out. it definitely means i have to take rest days or my legs will NOT survive my workouts!

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