meditations on a sunday

Happy Sunday, swagsters! What’s on the docket today? I’m going to work before too long. Since it’s Sunday and we’re open for brunch, I have to be there earlier than normal. I made sure to get up extra early today so I could get in a quick workout and still have time to relax.

Sometimes I think it’s kind of backwards that I get up early so I can have time to relax in the mornings, but it is so necessary to me! Back when I started doing yoga, I learned something about myself: I thrive when I can move slowly. It gives me the space to be always aware of what’s going in within myself, the space to do more than just react to what’s going on around me. It’s so important to me to ease into my days. After my morning workouts, there is nothing I appreciate more than having plenty of time to make my breakfast, sit and enjoy a couple cups of coffee and do some internet errands. If I wake up and I have to rush, it kind of sets me off for a day of feeling frantic, and I find that I have a harder time thinking things through than normal. I’m just more reactive, and being reactive is a sure fire way to trigger my anxiety.

My approach to life is exactly the same as the yoga classes I taught: slow, yet strong. There’s beauty in taking the time to explore the present and appreciating the journey from moment to moment. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that there is no strength, or ability to be strong. Yoga taught me to be okay with struggling, because struggles are not permanent. I use to always say in my classes, “Find comfort in the discomfort.” Focusing on breathing and relaxing into the moment, no matter how much you want the moment to be over, is such a great skill to take into life. Once the tough moments ease up, the feelings of accomplishment and inner strength are so rewarding.

It’s interesting, because I’m in a line of work that calls for that reactivity that I loathe so much. I try to look at my job as a practice, though. As long as I have to be there, I might as well try and better myself for it. As much as I prefer moving slowly and with strength, life doesn’t always give me that liberty. Sometimes you have to move fast, sometimes you have to just fly by the seat of your pants and trust your gut. But you always have room to breathe. You always have room within you to create space, calm and peace. The outside world doesn’t have to take that away from you.

I’m going to leave you all with that thought. Practice your awareness today, your ability to breathe calmness into any situation.

I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’m planning to recap a week of swag-building, my wellness challenge at work and plan for the upcoming days as well. So start thinking about what goals you have for yourself this week!

Also if you’re interested in some food porn, check out yesterday’s post about National Macaroni Day!


5 thoughts on “meditations on a sunday

  1. i really love a slow, restful morning and yet i feel like i don’t give myself that enough! on weekends i like to get out of bed and hit the gym, but i am always off to something else after, never coming home to relax. on weekdays i have work so i can’t chill and watch kelly ripa like i wish i could (WHY isn’t she on saturdays and sundays?!) but i could at least give myself some easy weekend mornings once in awhile. maybe i’ll make a goal for myself to do just that next saturday – i already know this saturday/sunday i’ll be on the move! haha

    • I think that’s a great idea! I always admire people like you, though, Cait, who thrive on activity but I’ve come to terms with my snail-ness hehehehe. I just gotta have my down time. I’m one of those people that makes one plan for the day that lasts a few hours and is like, “wow I’m jam packed today!” lol

      • But I make my plans way in advance and then the day comes..and I often REGRET having those plans b/c I just want to relax and do nothing! Haha my biggest goal that I’m concentrating on right now is making less plans.

    • Thank you! And I totally agree! My am workouts give me energy and boost my mood going into the day. My breakfast-time-relaxation gives me time to reflect and prepare. I love it!

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