the end of staycation

Hey Swagsters!

Last Wednesday I was talking about how Hump Day finally applied to me, and now life is back to normal. This “Hump Day” is actually the first day of my work week. Nothing lasts forever, eh? 🙂

So that obviously means my staycation is officially over. It was a lovely 5 days with so many people that I love, I can only be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them all.

When I left off Tuesday morning, I was trying to re-plan my beach day since it had begun raining quite heavily.

It was not exactly bikini weather.

So Holly and I did some serious brainstorming, trying to think of something fun to do today and then it hit us: shop for school supplies!

Sorry, I’m not sorry, but shopping for school supplies is literally one of my favorite things to do, and as I’m starting school again next month, it was perfect. We got a great head start on it and I didn’t have to sort through what was left from the droves who had picked everything over.

pencils, erasers and notebooks, oh my!

I just love the back-to-school anticipation. But let’s check back in October when I’m potentially pulling my hair out over assignments to be turned in. 😉

We worked up an appetite, so I suggested to Holly that we head to a yummy restaurant in Hartford called Tisane. They have really yummy, interesting food and a lot of it is or can be vegan friendly.

veggie tofu potstickers

edamame two ways: steamed pods and edamame hummus

I opted for 2 appetizers. They were so yummy and I was left feeling very satisfied.

We finally decided to head to a matinee film. We went to see To Rome With Love. Ummmm not sure how to describe how I felt about the movie. Theoretically, I liked it. But it was also very confusing and a little disjointed. It was hard to see how all the different story lines were related. I felt like I was asked to accept this as a real depiction of life but to also to suspend reality for sporadically placed fantastical bits. We were left scratching our heads, but we still had a good time and it certainly gave us something to talk about!

We ended our day with a visit to my sister. We just chatted and had a nice time together.

The next morning Holly and I were up early to head to Boston, where Holly would catch a plane and head home. It worked out perfectly because it gave me the opportunity to replace my sadness from Holly’s departure with happiness to get to have lunch with Heather! Obviously, we went to Garden Grille and Wildflour. Duh. Is there any other option really?

edamame and white bean burger, kimchi remoulade, vegan chipotle mayo and a pickle!

What a comforting lunch! Heather and I had precisely the same lunch which is turning out to be a trend whenever we eat at Garden Grille together. What can I say, that girl has really good taste. 🙂

raw vegan cheesecake

After lunch we headed over to Wildflour, because that’s just what you do. I snagged an iced coffee (something like my 3rd or 4th on the day… hey… I was tired!) and this delicious raw vegan cheesecake, which I enjoyed at a stop light on my way out of town. 🙂 It was quite a torrentially rainy drive home, but I was grateful. When I say I was tired, that is a massive understatement. My staycation had caught up with me and the rainy drive helped me stay awake.

Once home I had just enough time to munch on some dinner (nothing special so not pictured) before heading right out to meet my friends Melissa and Bonnie. We decided last week to create our own little book club, as we’re all on a kick to try and have fun, cheap, straight-edge fun. So last night we met at the bookstore and each presented 5 books that we wanted to read. We actually came up with a hilariously intricate system of rating books and finally decided on the first 3 books that we will be reading:

1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
2. The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy
3. The Great Gatsby (we’re all opting to re-read in preparation for the movie!) by F. Scott Fitzgerald

We had such a great time talking about our book ideas and laughing.

When I got home, I found myself full of gratitude. In one day I had spent time with so many people that I love and that represent so many different aspects of my life. What a fantastic way to spend the last day of staycation. 🙂 I’m a very, very, very lucky girl.

My night ended with menu and workout planning for the week. I got back on my workout grind this morning, and now it’s time to get ready to re-enter the real world. I’m looking forward to going back to work, making some money and also some pretty fun adventures with food this week! Keep on the look out, y’all. The Swag is officially back.


6 thoughts on “the end of staycation

  1. Sooo can I be a pain and ask if I can butt in your book club when you read Great Gatsby? It’s been on my to-read for forever and I absolutely must read it before the movie comes out. I can’t wait for that film (Baz directed my fave movie ever Moulin Rouge, and Leo is my fave actor) but I also know it’d be a sin not to read the book first.

    Still jealin’ over your GG and Wildflour escapades. At least I have frozen raw gazpacho from Wildflour still chillin (hardee har) in my freezer!

    School supplies are the shiz. True story.

    So glad you went to Tisane and I LOOOVE their Edamame Two Ways! You and I must go sometime, next time Heather comes! But for lunch, so we can do ION for dinner. #PlanningEveryMeal #SorryNotSorry

    • Grey Gatsby I truly a favorite book of mine! I will let you know when it’s time to read! It should be a fun time!!

  2. JENNYYYYYY! –> I feel like I have to start every sentence I write to you with that. Aaaand scene. I had the best day with you, as always. I love how we share identical taste buds – it makes dining out so special!

    If you re-read The Great Gatsby, I am going to cry because I can’t be included in it. FAVORITE BOOK! So glad your staycation was so memorable. Have a lovely day back, gorgeous girl!

    • I’m thinking you should just move here for a couple weeks while we read Great Gatsby. Seems logical enough, soooooo see you then. 😉

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