Who is this girl?

Welcome to Tofu Swag!

My name is Jenny. I come from all over. I was born in the midwest, spent some years in the south and a few years ago, I moved up here to Connecticut. I live with my boyfriend, who I met here. He’s a real pill. He’s the most wonderful guy I know, and he is hilarious, which always makes for good internet content.

I’m very enthusiastic about being a healthy, vegan athlete. I take pride in taking care of myself, eating clean, training and working out, and conditioning myself from the inside out. But just as important as all of that, is my desire to live a fulfilling life, free of restrictions and self-imposed rules. My past does, indeed, include a spectrum of eating disorder. However, I have, and do, work diligently on a daily basis to learn how to be healthy while living with ED thoughts. They may never go away, but they will also never rule my life again. Because of this, I refuse to tell myself no. I make room for indulgence. It’s a process, and I’m not perfect, but this blog is about learning to live with balance. Being healthy, to me, means discovering how to enjoy every little bit of life while maintaining physical and mental health.

This is about being the best me possible. Never settling for less than I am or less than I deserve. It’s about learning how to live this life with swag. Tofu swag.



Warning: this blog will also frequently feature gratuitous photos of brussels sprouts.


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