falling off the face of the earth

Swagsters, I hope you know I haven’t left you or forgotten you!

Life has been crazy. I just ended an 11 day streak of work. The first half it was just dandy but by the last few days, I had no energy except to work, come home, eat dinner and go to bed. I was feeling so overstimulated by the noise, people and sights around me. All I wanted after work was dead silence, not to move or even open my eyes. Yesterday I didn’t even have energy for a positive attitude, and worse yet… I didn’t want to even try to be positive. It was that bad.

Today was supposed to be day 12 of work, but I gave my shift up. Yesterday showed me that body, mind and spirit… I needed a break.

So I slept in this morning and soon I’ll be headed to Pilates class. It’s going to be a total ME day. I’ve got I restore my swag levels, ya heard?

I hope you can all forgive my absence, but know that I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new post for you!

Lots of love and a thumbs up to greet the day!



the start of staycation!

Happy Friday Swagsters!

It’s the big day for me: the start of my stay-cation! As I type, Heather could be here any minute, so I’m going to keep this short.

I was supposed to work on the outdoor patio today, but it is a very dreary July day here in CT and has been chilly (by my standards) and raining (scientifically proven fact) so I ended up having the day off. I feel like the universe was looking out for me on this one because it turns out I had a lot to get done before my first round of house guests arrived! Or, if things didn’t have to get done, I’ve sure kept myself busy today!

I started off BodyRocking the latest workout this morning. Man, are my legs already looking forward to a yoga/rest day. It was a tough workout, as always, but definitely made tougher by fatigued legs! I’m pretty sure two long nights at work didn’t help my situation at all.

After discovering I had the day off, I took myself and my MacBook to Starbucks to work on blog-related things.

snack time!

I enjoyed one of those new Starbucks Refreshers in Very Berry Hibiscus flavor. It lived up to it’s name- very refreshing! I also had some dried apple pieces as I worked away. It was a productive and delicious time, if I do say so myself.

The result of my work is that I have a ReciPage now! I figured I’d better get recipes organized now before it became too daunting of a task later into the life of my blog.

I came home around lunch time with one thought on my mind: comfort food. It’s so dreary today that I just had to have something that warmed me to my soul.


I remembered I had frozen some curried lentil soup not too long ago, so I roasted up some brussels and sweet potato frites (obvi) and enjoyed them alongside. So yummy and so perfect. Never mind that we’ll be dining at ION tonight and I’m sure to have more sweet potato fries. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Afterwards I ran some more errands around town, chatted with my Mommy on the phone for a while, straightened up some last minute things in the apartment and finally hopped in the shower.

By the time I was finished primping myself, my belly was rumbling. Dinner will be a little later than normal for me, so I opted for a snack that I knew would hold me over.

peanut butter jelly time!

I just discovered this new greek style almond milk yogurt at Whole Foods today and I couldn’t pass up trying it out. I threw in some powdered peanut butter and (not pictured) psyllium husk. Talk about a filling snack! (And delicious, to boot!) I will definitely be good to go until dinner.

Swagsters, do you have any fun plans for this weekend? Anyone else on stay-cation? What’s your favorite stay-cation activity?  What’s your favorite rainy day comfort food?

I’m hopping off now, but keep your eye out for tweets and instagram pics (find me at @tofu_swag on instagram) of our delicious dinner tonight!