how to get results


How many ways can I say “thank you” before I feel like you understand the depth of my gratitude?

Thank you so much, again, for all your love, well wishes and congratulations. I feel like this has all come at such an amazingly, stars-aligned time for me. I had been questioning myself as a blogger, questioning my purpose and direction, and wondering if I even had pertinent things to share. Then suddenly things seemed to explode with positivity and affirmation, and I feel so much more founded in the belief that wherever this goes, I’m on the right path. So thank you all, again, for your encouragement. I literally wouldn’t do this if it was for me alone- I seek connection, community and even companionship from this venture, and having that returned to me is outrageously affirming.

Addressing “The Question”

During my recent 15 minutes of fame, right after all the love , I received the following question several times over: “What are you doing to get those results?!” After meditating on it alone and consulting with my best/blogging friends/resources, Heather and Cait, I figured out how I felt I could best answer this inquiry.

If you’re sticking around to hear me tell you exactly what I eat, and what I do for workouts and how I devote every living, breathing minute of my day to this endeavor, then you probably don’t want to read any further, as I am not going to be telling you that.

But, why not?

The truth is, my life does not revolve around those things alone. The truth is… J’adore La Vie.

I am devoted to creating a life that I am proud of, a life that I love and a life that suits ME. I am devoted to upholding mindfulness and intuitiveness throughout my days. It’s the devotion to these things that yields me results, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What does that mean? 

It means that I eat foods that honor my body and make me feel good. It also means that when my friend comes to town, we share a tub of SoDelicious ice cream and literally almost eat the entire thing while watching Fashion Police. It means that some mornings I workout hard, and some mornings I eat breakfast first and other mornings I am gentle with myself or I skip a workout all together.

It means that sleep is a major priority in my life. Well-rested Jenny is a happy Jenny and, subsequently, a happy world around me.

It means that I meditate most days. It means that I spend time blogging and, if so inspired, I will journal. I take solace in the quiet parts of my day, reflecting or reading or just allowing myself the opportunity for aural detox. I take a minute every day to give myself praise for a job well done, big or small. I make space to give myself love.

It means that I make time for my most uplifting friends, doing things that make us feel good and proud and nurtured.

It means that I take care of the practical side of my life. I’m working on my budget and finances and trying to get myself in a more comfortable place. I’m going back to school to give myself more opportunities to find a job or a career that I love and that fulfills me.

In a nutshell, what I have done to get results in my life is to take control of my life. It is mine, and for all I know, it is the only one I get. In the grand scheme of things, we, as humans, don’t have time to waste. If you want something, tell yourself you deserve it and go after it.

Now I don’t mean that I tell myself what I “should” be doing. I mean that I check in with myself, I strive for authenticity and I do what feels good and natural.

And this, my friends, is how I get the ultimate result, to say, ” J’adore La Vie.”

J’adore La Vie is a campaign that was originally launched by (the previously linked and mentioned) Heather at For the Love of Kale. I want to be an ambassador for this campaign and I want you to join me!

I challenge you to devote your life to authenticity, peace and self-love. I challenge you to make your life yours. Eating a clean healthy diet and exercising are merely a fraction of this equation.

If you want results, tell yourself you deserve results and then go after them!

What are you devoted to in your life?
What makes you say, J’adore La Vie? (tell the world on twitter with #jadorelavie)


8 thoughts on “how to get results

  1. I was SO touched by this post. Your words are so beautiful and inspirational! J’adore la vie is an AWESOME mantra! I totally want to be in on it 🙂 Thanks for posting my dear, and have a great weekend!

    • Wow, Ashely. Thank you so much! It means so much to me to hear that my message is getting out there to people and that it is appreciated!

  2. Woo hooo I agree with Sloane, this post is fantastic and I’m so glad that Heather and I were able to help with your meditations on how to respond to all the “what do you do?” questions. When you’ve experienced an ED like the three of us (and many more people), you know about the power of seeing what other people do to work out and eat and how that can potentially be a huge feeder of the ED voice that beats up those whom it is affecting. You NEVER want to be a source of “energy” for ED to rear its ugly head and say “see what she does? do that. you must do that.” So I’m so glad that you are sharing what you do, and how it doesn’t necessary follow certain rules. Just this one: that what you do is what you enjoy and what will get you down that j’adore la vie path of happiness and being your whole, true self. No calorie/macronutrient intake numbers. No set workout schedule. Just what makes you feel good and feel like your happiest self. I love you!

  3. This post is beautiful and I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. While eating healthy and exercising is extremely important, it’s only a small part of the equation. Enjoying every aspect of life on a daily basis is the most important thing and it sounds like you’ve really begun to master that balance. (:

    And I LOVE the j’adore la vie movement. It’s so inspiring!

    • Oh goodness, thank you, again! It’s been a long road to get where I am and I knew going into my fitness journey that I had to focus on health and balance, that if I focused on achieving perfection I would only fail. I’ve learned so much about who I am and how to love myself and I really couldn’t have done it without the support of you amazing women. Jai!

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